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The success of

Chap. üị.

Paul's preaching: advantage of us;

for we are

savour of death unto death ; not ignorant of his devices. and to the other the savour of

12 Furthermore, when I life unto life; and who is suf* came to Troas to preach ficient for these things ? Christ's Gospel, and a door 117 For we are not as many was opened unto me of the which corrupt the word of Lord,

God: but as of sincerity, but 13 I had no rest in my spi- as of God, in the sight of God rit, because I found not Titus speak we in Christ. my brother; but, taking my

CHAP. III. leave of them, I went from 1 A commendation of Paul's thence into Macedonia.

ministry. 6 A comparison 14 Now thanks be unto God, between the ministers of the which always causeth us to law and the Gospel. triumph in Christ, and maketh DO we begin again to commanifest the savour of his mend ourselves ? or need we knowledgec by us in every as some others, epistles of complace.

mendation to you, or letters of 15 For we are unto Godd commendation from you? a sweet savour of Christ in 2 Ye are our epistle writ. them that are saved, and in ten in our hearts, known and them that perish.

read of all men ; 16 To the oue we are the 3 Forasmuch as ye are man

ifestly declared to be the epis. « Savour of bis knowledge, or the tle of Christ, ministered by us, knowledge of him. Savour signifies written not with ink, but with smell or odour ; but to understand

the spirit of the living God; the word in this and the following

not in tables of stone, but in verses, we should recollect, that St. Paul here uses it in allusion to the fleshly tables of the heart. ancient triumphs, which were cele

4 And such trust we have brated in honour of distinguished through Christ to God-ward. generals, when they returned home 5 Not that we are sufficient victorious from the field of battle of ourselves, to think any thing Onthese occasions the streets, through

as of ourselves; but our suffiwhich the victor and his train passed, were strewed with flowers, which ciency is of God; filled the air with a grateful odour,

6 Who hath also made us Behind the triumphal car followed

able ministers of the new testhe most noted captives in chains; of tament ja not of the letter,b these, some had their lives spared ; others were put to death immediate a New testament, the merciful dise ly after the procession ended; so thắt pensation of the Gospel. to the one, the sweet fragrance of b Not of the letter, not of the written the flowers was a savour of death, to law, given from Sinai, which passed the other, a savour of life.

sentence of death on every sinner, d For we are THROOGH God, &c. whether pepitent or not.

and Gospel.

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Of law,

II. Corinthiaas. but of the spirit;c for the let 15 But even unto this day, ter killeth, but the spirit giv. when Moses is read, the vail eth life.

is upon their heart. 7 But if the ministration of 16 Nevertheless, when ite death,d written and engraven shall turn to the Lord, the in stones, was glorious, so that vail shall be taken away. the children of Israel could 17 Now, the Lord is that not steadfastly behold the face Spirit; and where the Spirit of Moses for the glory of his of the Lord is, there is liberty. countenance, which glory was 18 But we all, with open to be done away;

face beholding as in a glass 8 How shall not the minis. the glory of the Lord, áre tration of the Spirit be rather changed into the same image, glorious ?

from glory to.glory, even as by 9 For if the ministration of the Spirit of the Lord. condemnation be glory, much more doth the ministration of

CHAP. IV. righteousness exceed in glory. 1 Paul's sincerity and dili, 10 For even that which was

gence in preaching, 7 and made glorious had no glory in his troubles for the same. this respect, by reason of the THEREFORE, seeing we glory that excelleth.

have this ministry, as we have 11 For if that which is done received mercy we faint not; away was glorious, much more 2 But have renounced the that which remaineth is glori. hidden things of dishonesty,

not walking in craftiness, por 12 Seeing then that we have handling the word of God desuch bope, we use great plain- ceitfully; but, by manifestahess of speech;

tion of the truth, commending 13 And not as Moses, which ourselves to every man's conput a vail over his face, that science in the sight of God. The children of Israel could 3 But if our Gospel be hid, not steadfastly look to the end it is hid to them that are lost; of that which is abolished: 4 In whom the god of this

14. But their minds were world hath blinded the minds blinded; for until this day re of them which believe not, lest maineth the same vail untaken the light of the glorious Gosaway in the reading of the old pel of Christ, who is the imtestament; which rail is done age of God, should shine unto away in Christ.

them. © But of the spirit, the new or gos- selyes, but Christ Jesus the

5 For we preach not ourpel covenant.

d The ministration of death, the law given to Moses.

« Wben it, when their heart.

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Paul's comfort Chap. v.

in afflictions, dec. Lord, and ourselves your ser- ing of many, redound to the vants for Jesus' sake.

glory of God. 6 For God who command. 16 For which cause we ed light to shine out of dark- faint not; but though our outness, hath shined in our hearts, ward màn perish, yet the to give the light of the know. inward man is renewed day ledge of the glory of God in by day. the face of Jesus Christ.

17 For our light affliction, hy But we have this trea- which is but for a moment, sure in earthen vessels, that worketh for us a far more exthe excelleney of the power ceeding and eternal weight of may be of God, and not of us. glory; ő We are troubled on every

18 While we look not at side, yet not distressed; we the things which are seen, but are perplexed, but not in de- at the things which are not spair;

seen; for the things which Persecuted, but not for. are seen are temporal; but saken; cast down, but not the things which are not seen destroyed :

are eternal. 10 Always bearing about

CHAP. V. in the body the dying of the 1 In hope of immortal glory, Lord Jesus, that the life also 9 and in expectance of it, of Jesus might be made mani. and of the general judgment, fest in our body.

he laboureth to keep a good 11 For we which live are conscience. alway delivered unto death FOR we know, that, if our for Jesus' sake, that the life earthly house of this tabernaalso of Jesus might be made cle were dissolved, we have a manifest in our mortal flesh. building of God, an house not

12 So then death worketh made with hands, eternal in in us, but life in you.

the heavens. 13 We having the same

2 For in this we groan, earspirit of faith, according as it “nestly desiring to be clothed is written, I believed, & there. upon with our house which is fore have I spoken; we also from heaven: believe, and therefore speak; 3 If so be that being cloth

14 Knowing that he which ed, we shall not be found nakraised up the Lord Jesus, ed. shall raise up us also by Je 4 For we that are in this sus, and shall present us with tabernacle do groan, being you.

burdened; not for that we 15 For all things are for your would be unclothed, but clothsakes, that the abundant grace ed upon, that mortality might might, through the thanksgiv- be swallowed up of life,

Of immortal glory. II. Corinthians. Reconciliation in Christ.

5 Now he that hath wrought 13 For whether we be beus for the self-same thing is side ourselves, it is to God; God, who also hath given in- or whether we be sober, it is to us the earnest of the Spirit.a for your cause.

6 Therefore we are always 14 For the love of Christ confident, knowing that, whilst constraineth us; because we we are at home in the body, thus judge, that if one died we are absent from the Lord! for all, then were all dead :c

7 (For we walk by faith, 15 And that he died for all, not by sight :)

that they which live should 8 We are confident, I say, not henceforth live unto themand willing rather to be ab- selves, but unto him which died sent from the body, and to be for them, and rose again. present with the Lord.

16 Wherefore, henceforth 9 Wherefore we labour, know we no man after the that, whether present or ab- flesh ;d yea, though we have sent, we may be accepted of known Christ after the flesh, him.

yet now henceforth know we 10 For we must all appear him no more. before the judgment-seat of 17 Therefore, if any man Christ, that every one may be in Christ, he is a new erea. receive the things done in his ture; old things are passed body, according to that he hath away; behold, all things are done, whether it be good or become new. bad.

18 And all things are of 11 Knowing, therefore, the God, who hath reconciled as terror of the Lord, we per- to himself by Jesus Christ, suade men; but we are made and hath given to us the minmanifest unto God; and, I istry of reconciliation ; trust also, are made manifest 19 To wit,e that God was in your consciences.

in Christ reconciling the world 12 For we commend not unto himself, not imputing ourselves ayain unto you, but their trespasses unto them; give you occasion to glory. on . and hath committed unto us our behalf, that ye may have the word of reconciliation. somewhat

to answer them 20 Now then, we are am. which glory in appearance, bassadors for Christ, as though and not in heart.

God did beseech you by us ; a The earnest, the pledge or assur

Then were all dead, all condemned ance of the Spirit.

to death. b For we walk, we are supported by d Wberefore henceforth know we, that faith, by the belief of the world to is, regard with partiality no man on come, and rot by the sight of earthly account of his birth or country. objects.

"To wit, namely, cr which is.

Paul's faithfulness, &c. Chap. vi. Of idolatrous company. we pray you, in Christ's stead, by evil report and good report ; be

ye reconciled to God. as deceivers, and yet true;

21 For he hath made him 9 As unknown, and yet well to be sin for us,f who knew no known; as dying, and, besin; that we might be made hold, we live; as chastened, the righteousness of God in and not killed ; him.

10 As sorrowful, vet alway CHAP. VI.

rejoicing; as poor, yet mak. 1 Of Paul's faithfulness in the ing many rich; as having no

ministry. 14 Exhortations thing, and yet possessing all to avoid idolaters.

things. WE then, as workers toge 11 O ye Corinthians ! our ther with him, beseech you al- mouth is open unto you, our so that ye receive not the heart is enlarged. grace of God in vain.

12 Ye are not straitened in 2 (For he saith, I have us, but ye are straitened in heard thee in a time accepted, your own bowels. and in the day of salvation

13 Now for a recompense have I succoured thee; be- in the same,a (I speak as unto hold, now is the aecepted time; my children,) be ye also enlargbehold, now is the day of sal- ed. yation.)

14 Be ye not unequally 3 Giving no offence in any yoked together with unbelievthing, that the ministry be noters ;bfor what fellowship blamed :

hath righteousness with un4 But in all things approv- righteousness and what coming ourselves as the ministers munion hath light with darkof God, in much patience, in

ness ? afflictions, in necessities, in 15 And what concord hath distresses,

Christ with Belial ?c or what 5 In stripes, in imprison.' part hath he that belieyeth ments, in tumults, in labours, with an infidel ? in watchings, in fastings;

16 And what agreement 6 By pureness, by know- hath the temple of God with ledge, by long-suffering, by idols; for ye are the temple kindness, by the Holy Ghost, of the living God; as God by love unfeigned,

a Now for a recompense in the same, 7 By the word of truth, by &c. Now to recompense

me, I request the power of God, by the ar that you would be enlarged in your mour of righteousness on the heart toward me. right hand and on the left,

b Be ye not unequally, &c. Do not 8 By honour and dishonour, riage, or otherwise with unbelievers

connect yourselvesin friendship, mar

or infidels. f To be sin, to be a sin-offering. Belial, Satan.

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