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MILO of Crotona, when in the prime of manhood, was accustomed to carry an enormous bull upon his shoulders, which he killed by a blow of the fist, and consumed, it is said, in a single day. All that the ancient writers report of the athletic powers of mortals, appear confirmed in what is related of this person. What excites our astonishment is, that this man, who devoted himself to such violent exercises, was not insensible to the peaceful charms of philosophy. He followed the lessons of Pythagoras, whose system in no manner accords with his voracious habits.

Being one day in the hall where the philosopher instructed his numerous disciples, the building gave way, and all his auditors would inevitably have perished, if Milo, who solely supported the principal column, had not given them time to effect their escape.

Milo, being advanced in years, was desirous of splitting the trunk of a large tree with his hands. This he had nearly achieved, when the two parts of the trunk knitting together, confined his fingers, and being unable to extricate them through excessive fatigue, he was surprised in this situation by some wild beasts, who put him to death, in the year 500 before J. C.

Puget has been reproached for not following correctly this tradition, by leaving Milo the assistance of one of his hands. As it was impossible to represent him in the decrepitude of age, the idea that is formed of his powers, is in contradiction with the fruitless resistance he opposes to the lion. Besides which, the least motion that his agony might occasion, is sufficient to enable him to disengage his left hand, which is only retained by the first splinters. The group, however, is perfect, in point of execution. The head of Milo is expressive of rage and despair-the lion appears of terrific vigour, and the drapery is adjusted with uncommon propriety.

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