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1. 1705. Horæ Lyricæ; Poems chiefly of the Lyric kind, in three books 238—255

2. 1707. Essay against Uncharitableness, wherein the secret springs of that Vice are traced, and the mischievous effects of it briefly surveyed

... 212—214

3. 1707. A Sermon preached at Salter's Hall to the Societies for Reformation of

Manners in the cities of London and Westminster ......214216

4. 1707. Hymns and Spiritual Songs, in three books


5. 1716. A Guide to Prayer; or, a free and rational Account of the gift, grace,

and spirit of Prayer; with plain Directions how every Christian may attain them


6. 1718. The Psalms of David Imitated in the Language of the New Testa

ment, and applied to the Christian State and Worship ..334–359

7. 1720. Divine Songs attempted in easy language, for the use of Children


8. 1720. The Art of Reading and Writing English


9. 1721. Sermons on Various Subjects, vol. ).


10. 1721. The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity; or, Father, Son, and Spirit,

Three Persons and one God asserted and proved; with their divine rights and honours vindicated by plain evidence of scripture, without the aid or incumbrance of human schemes .... .380, 583

11. 1722. Death and Heaven, or the last Enemy conquered, and separate

Spirits made perfect, attempted in two Funeral Discourses, in
Memory of Sir John Hartopp, Baronet, and his Lady ....382—385


12. 1723. Sermons, vol. 2.......

......386, 387

13. 1724. The Arian invited to the Orthodox Faith : or, a plain and easy Method

to lead such as deny the proper Deity of Christ into the belief of
that great article. Three Dissertations

.....380, 586

19. 1726. A Defence against the Temptations to Self-murder, wherein the

criminal Nature and Guilt of it are displayed; together with some
Reflections on Excess in strong Liquors, Duelling, and other Prac-
tices akin to this heinous Sin


23. 1728. A Book of Catechisms, complete: containing (1.) A Discourse of

Catechisms, how to write and judge of them ; (2.) The First Set of
Catechisms and Prayers for young Children of Four or Five Years of
Age ; (3.) The Second Set of Catechisms and Prayers for Children
of Eight or Nine Years of Age; (4.) The Assembly's Catechisın, with

30. 1732. Philosophical Essays on Various Subjects: namely, Space, Substance,

Body, Spirit; the Operations of the Soul in Union with the Body;
Ionate Ideas; Perpetual Consciousness; Place and Motions of
Spirits; the Departing Soul; the Resurrection of the Body; the
Production and Operation of Plants and Animals; with some Re-
marks on Mr. Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding. To
which is subjoined a Brief Scheme of Ontology, or the science of
Being in General, with its Affections.


42. 1742. The Harmony of all the Religions which God ever prescribed, con

taining a Brief Survey of the several public Dispensations of God towards Man, or his appointment of different forms of Religion in successive ages


43. 1745. The World to Come, 2nd vol.


44. 1745. Orthodoxy and Charity united, in several reconciling Essays on the

Law and Gospel, Faith and Works


45. 1746. Useful and Important Questions concerning Jesus the Son of God

freely proposed ; with an humble Attempt to answer them according to Scripture


46. 1746. The Glory of Christ as God-Man displayed in Three Discourses.

(1.) A Survey of the Visible Appearances of Christ as God before his Incarnation, with some Observations on the Texts of the Old Testament applied to Christ. (2.) An Inquiry into the exteusive Powers of the Human Nature of Christ in its present glorified State, with several Testimonies annexed. (3.) An Argument tracing out the early Existence of the Human Soul of Christ, even before the Creation of the World. With an Appendix containing an Abridgment of Doctor Thomas Goodwin's Discourse of the “Glories and Royalties of Christ,” in his works in folio, vol. ii. b. 3. ......598

47. 1746. An Essay on the Freedom of the Will in God and in Creatures, and

on various Subjects connected therewith : namely, The Ideas of Liberty and Necessity; the Causes of the Determination of the Will; the Use of the Understanding to direct, not determine it; the Liberty of God as a Creator, a Governor, and a Benefactor; the Doctrine of Fatality; the Spring of Moral Good and Evil; the Difference between Moral and Positive Laws; the Sin and Fall of Man, and the Free Grace of God; the Rewardableness of Faith in the Gospel, and the criminal Nature of Infidelity...... .681

48. 1747. Evangelical Discourses on Several Subjects; to which is added an

Essay on the Powers and Contests of Flesh and Spirit ........681

49. 1747. The Rational Foundation of a Christian Church, and the terms of

Christian Communion; to which are added Three Discourses: (1.) A Pattern for a Dissenting Preacher; (2.) The Office of Deacons ; (3.) Invitations to Church Fellowship.....


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