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THE following Sermons are a sequel to two former volumes on the Gospels appointed in the Book of Common Prayer to be read on every Sunday in the year, and the principal festivals of the United Church of England and Ireland. They were written in regular weekly succession for the Sunday morning's service, and were preached in the parish church of St. Werburgh, in the city of Bristol. They are now printed with the same object as the former volumes, to supply families in the middle ranks of society with plain discourses, which may be suitable for reading on Sunday evenings, particularly in country places, where there is no service on that part of the Lord's day in the parish church.

The testimonies which the author has had that his former volumes have been made useful, through the blessing of the great Head of the church, to the edification and comfort of some who have perused them, has afforded him encouragement to pursue his plan, and

commit these discourses also to the press. The truths contained in them have brought consolation to his own mind in the season of sickness, and in the prospect of eternity: and he trusts that they may be the means of benefiting many who read or hear them, in the like


It has been his desire, according to his ability, to make the scripture its own interpreter; and to have the minds of his hearers and readers imbued with scriptural knowledge, which is the most important knowledge in the world, being that which is derived from Divine revelation. He has also adhered, as far as possible, to the words of the authorised translation, with which he deems it advisable that all classes of persons should be familiar. It is his earnest prayer that the blessing of the Holy Spirit may attend this humble attempt to explain the truths of the everlasting gospel, as they are set forth in the Apostolical Epistles, to the glory of God, and the everlasting salvation of those into whose hands these volumes may come. Worldly honour or fame he seeks not; "to serve God for the promoting of His glory, and the edifying of His people," the object for which he was set apart to the office of the Ministry, is all his desire. If this be effected, his end will be attained.

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