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Napier-Manual of Electro-Metallurgy:

Including the Application of the Art to Manufacturing Processes. By JAMES NAPIER. From the second London edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrated by Engravings. In one volume, 12mo............ .$1.25 Napier's Electro-Metallurgy is generally regarded as the very best practical treatise on the subject in the English language.

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CONTENTS.-History of the Art of Electro-Metallurgy, Description of Galvanic Batteries, and their respective Peculiarities, Electrotype Processes, Miscellaneous Applications of the Process of Coating with Copper, Bronzing, Decomposition of Metals upon one another, Electro-Plating, Electro-Gilding, Results of Experiments on the Deposition of other Metals as Coatings, Theoretical Observations.

Neill-Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Garden.

By PATRICK NEILL, LL.D., F.R.S.E., Secretary to the Royal

Caledonian Horticultural Society. Adapted to the United
States, from the fourth edition, revised and improved by the
Author. Illustrated by fifty Wood Engravings of Hot-
houses, &c. &c. In one volume, 12mo......

"This volume supplies a desideratum much felt, and gives within a moderate compass all the horticultural information necessary for practical use."-Newark Mercury.

"A valuable addition to the horticulturist's library."-Baltimore Patriot.

Nicholson-Book-binder's (The Practical)


Containing Full Directions for all the different Branches of Book-binding and Marbling. By JAMES B. NICHOLSON. Illustrated. 12mo. (In press.)

Norris's Hand-book for Locomotive Engineers and Machinists:

Comprising the Calculations for Constructing Locomotives, Manner of setting Valves, &c. &c. By SEPTIMUS NORRIS, Civil and Mechanical Engineer. In one volume, 12mo, with Illustrations....... $1.50 "With pleasure do we meet with such a work as Messrs. Norris and Baird have given us."-Artisan.

"In this work he has given us what are called 'the secrets of the business." in the rules to construct locomotives, in order that the million should be learned in all things."-Scientific American.

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Nystrom-A Treatise on Screw-Propellers and their Steam-Engines:

With Practical Rules and Examples by which to Calculate and
Construct the same for any description of Vessels. By J.
W. NYSTROM. Illustrated by over thirty large Working
Drawings. In one volume, octavo.......
This is the fullest treatise on the subject ever published in this country.

Overman-The Manufacture of Iron in

all its Various Branches:

To which is added an Essay on the Manufacture of Steel, by FREDERICK OVERMAN, Mining Engineer, with one hundred and fifty Wood Engravings. Third edition. In one volume, octavo, five hundred pages.......... ....$5.00 "We have now to announce the appearance of another valuable work on the subject, which, in our humble opinion, supplies any deficiency which late improvements and discoveries may have caused, from the lapse of time since the date of Mushet' and 'Schrivenor.' It is the production of one of our transatlantic brethren, Mr. Frederick Overman, Mining Engineer; and we do not hesitate to set it down as a work of great importance to all connected with the iron interest; one which, while it is sufficiently technological fully to explain chemical analysis, and the various phenomena of iron under different circumstances, to the satisfaction of the most fastidious, is written in that clear and comprehensive style as to be available to the capacity of the humblest mind, and consequently will be of much advantage to those works where the proprie tors may see the desirability of placing it in the hands of their operatives."London Morning Journal.

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Painter, (The) Gilder, and Varnisher's

Companion :

Containing Rules and Regulations for every thing relating to the arts of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing, and Glass-staining: numerous useful and valuable Receipts; Tests for the Detection of Adulterations in Oils, Colours, &c.; and a Statement of the Diseases and Accidents to which Painters, Gilders, and Varnishers are particularly liable; with the simplest methods of Prevention and Remedy. Fifth edition. In one volume, small 12mo, cloth.... ..........75 cts.

Paper-Hanger's (The) Companion:

In which the Practical Operations of the Trade are systematically laid down; with copious Directions Preparatory to Papering; Preventions against the effect of Damp in Walls; the various Cements and Pastes adapted to the several purposes of the trade; Observations and Directions for the Panelling and Ornamenting of Rooms, &c. &c. By JAMES ARROWSMITH. In one volume, 12mo..........

.75 cts.

Perkins-Practical Treatise on Gas and


By E. E. PERKINS. 12mo. (In press.)

Practical Printer,
Stereotyper's Hand-Book.

By D. W. BELISLE. Illustrated. 12mo. (In press.)

Printer, Type Founder, and

Practical (The) Surveyor's Guide:

Containing the necessary information to make any person of common capacity a finished Land Surveyor, without the aid of a teacher. By ANDREW DUNCAN, Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer. 12mo......... 75 cts.

Having had an experience as a practical Surveyor, &c. of thirty years, it is believed that the author of this volume possesses a thorough knowledge of the wants of the profession; and never having met with any work sufficiently concise and instructive in the several details necessary for the proper qualification of the Surveyor, it has been his object to supply that want. Among other important matters in the book, will be found the following:

Instructions in levelling and profiling, with a new and speedy plan of setting grades on rail and plank roads; the method of inflecting curves; the description and design of a new instrument, whereby distances are found at once, without any calculation; a new method of surveying any tract of land by measuring one line through it; a geometrical method of correcting surveys taken with the compass, to fit them for calculation; a short method of finding the angles from the courses, and vice versa; the method of surveying with the compass through any mine or iron works, and to correct the deflections of the needle by attraction; description of an instrument by the help of which any one may measure a map by inspection, without calculation; a new and short method of calculation, wherein fewer figures are used; the method of correcting the diur nal variation of the needle; various methods of plotting and embellishing maps; the most correct method of laying off plots with the pole, &c.; description of a new compass contrived by the author, &c. &c.

Rail Road Curves, and Location of Rail


A Practical Treatise. By E. W. BEANS, Civil Engineer. 12mo. (In press.)

Rural Chemistry:

An Elementary Introduction to the Study of the Science, in its relation to Agriculture and the Arts of Life. By EDWARD SOLLY, Professor of Chemistry in the Horticultural Society of London. From the third improved London edition, 12mo.......


Scott-The Practical Cotton-spinner and Manufacturer; or, the Manager and Overlooker's Companion:

This work contains a Comprehensive System of Calculations for Mill Gearing and Machinery, from the first moving power, through the different processes of Carding, Drawing, Slabbing, Roving, Spinning, and Weaving, adapted to American Machinery, Practice and Usages. Compendious Tables of Yarns and Reeds are added. Illustrated by large working-drawings of the most approved American Cotton Machinery. Complete in one volume, octavo...........$3.50 This edition of Scott's Cotton-Spinner, by OLIVER BYRNE, is designed for the American Operative. It will be found intensely practical, and will be of the greatest possible value to the Manager, Overseer, and Workman.

Shele De Vere-Sketches of Comparative


By Prof. SHELE DE VERE, of the University of Virginia, author of a "Grammar of the Spanish Language." Complete in one volume, 12mo....... .$1.25

Solly-Syllabus of a Complete Course of

Lectures on Chemistry:

Including its Application to the Arts, Agriculture, and Mining.
By Prof. E. SOLLY. Revised by the author of "Chemical
Manipulations.” Octavo, cloth.......................


Templeton-The Practical Examinator

on Steam and the Steam Engine:

With Instructive References relative thereto, arranged for the use of Engineers, Students, and others. By Wm. TempleTON, Engineer. 12mo...... ......75 cts.

This work was originally written for the author's private use. He was prevailed upon by various Engineers, who had seen the notes, to consent to its publication, from their eager expression of belief that it would be equally useful to them as it had been to himself.

Treatise (A) on a Box of Instruments,

And the SLIDE RULE, with the Theory of Trigonometry and Logarithms, including Practical Geometry, Surveying, Measuring of Timber, Cask and Malt Gauging, Heights and Distances. By THOMAS KENTISH. In one volume, 12mo......... $1.00

▲ volume of inestimable value to Engineers, Gaugers, Students, and others.

Turnbull A Treatise on Experimental


By LAWRENCE TURNBULL, M.D. 12mo. (In press.)

Turner's Companion :

Containing Instructions in Concentric, Elliptic, and Eccentric Turning. Also, various Plates of Chucks, Tools, and Instruments, and Directions for using the Eccentric Cutter, Drill, Vertical Cutter, and Circular Rest; with Patterns and Instructions for working them. Illustrated with numerous Engravings. In one volume, 12mo.................75 cts. A valuable little book, beautifully and completely illustrated.

Walker-Electrotype Manipulation.

Being the Theory and Plain Instructions in the Art of Working in Metals, by Precipitating them from their Solutions, through the agency of Galvanic or Voltaic Electricity; also in the Arts of Electro-Plating, Electro-Gilding, and Electro-Etching; with an Account of the Mode of Depositing Metallic Oxides, and of the several applications of Electrotype in the Arts. By CHARLES V. WALKER, Hon. Sec. of the London Electrical Society, &c. Illustrated. New edition, from the Twenty-fifth London edition. 12mo...75 cts. The rapid sale in England of twenty-five editions, and the demand in this country render necessary no further guarantee of the value of this book. For popular use it surpasses all other treatises on the subject.

Walter & Smith-Cottage and Villa Ar


With Ground-plans and Elevations. By THOMAS U. WALTER, Architect of Girard College, and JOHN JAY SMITH, Philadelphia Library. In two volumes, quarto..............$5.00

Walter & Smith's Guide to Workers in Metal and Stone.

Consisting of Designs and Patterns for Gates, Piers, Balcony and Cemetery Railing, Window Guards, Balustrades, Staircases, Candelabras, &c. &c. Four parts, cuarto. Illustrated by large Drawings...... .$10:00

.............. cee .. ...

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