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Young's (Rev. Dr. Edward) Works. A New Edition

complete. Poetry and Prose, with the Life of the Author by Dr. Doran, and Notes by Nichols ; and Eight Illustrations. Portrait of Dr. Young, from an Original Painting by. Highmore, in all Souls' College, Oxford. 2 vols. royal 18mo, 21s.

Night Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality; and á Paraphrase on part of the Book of Job. A New Edition. Revised and collated with the ear y Quarto Edition. Notes by James Nichols, and Life of the Author by Dr. Doran. Portrait, and Four highly-finished Engravings on Steel. Royal 18mo, 10s. Cd.

Thoughts on Life, Death, and Immortality. Royal 18mo, 79. 6d.

Thoughts on Lifé, Death,

and Immortality. 18mo, 58.






Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres. Ву

Hugh Bláir, D.D., É.R.S.Ed., one of the Ministers of the High
Church, and Professor of Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres, in the
University of Edinburgh. A New Edition, with an Introductory
Essay by the Rey, Thomas Dale, A.M., Canon Residentiary of St.
Paul's. Crown 8vo, 10s.

Brookes's General Gazetteer ; or, Compendious Geo

graphical Dictionary. New Edition, by A. Findlay, F.R.G.S.

Maps. ; Half-Russia 880, 158. Brown's (Thomas, M.D.) Lectures on the Philosophy

of the Human Mind. With a Memoir of the Author by David

Welsh, D.D. 8vo, 15s. 6d. Brown's Dictionary of the Holy Bible. Ani Historical

and Descriptive Account of Persons and Places recorded in the

Scriptures. 8vo, 138. Bucks (Rev. Charles) Theological Dictionary. New

and greatly improved Edition. By the Rev. E. Henderson, D.D.,

Ph.D. 8vo, 15s. Burnet's Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles of

the Church of England. Svó, 118.



Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy. The Latin Quota

tions Translated. With Frontispiece by Thürston, and the Old

Engraved Title Page. 8vo, 148. Butler's (Bishop) Analogy of Religion, Natural and

Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature, with Index. 12mo, 58. 6d.

With a Life of the Author. Copious Notes and Index by the Right Rev. W. Fitzgerald, Lord Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross. Portrait. 8vo, 128. 6d.

Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible. By the late

Mr. Charles Taylor, with the Fragments incorporated. The whole condensed and arranged in Alphabetical Order, with numerous Additions. Illustrated with Maps and Engravings on Wood. Imp. 8vo, 248.

Crabb's (George A.M.) Dictionary of General Know

ledge, comprising an Explanation of Words and Things connected with Literature and Science, &c. Fifth Edition, enlarged, and brought down to the present time, by the Rev. Henry Davis, M.A. Crown 8vo, 138.

Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Holy Scrip.

tures of the Old and New Testament; or, A Dictionary and Alphabetical Index to the Bible. Portrait. Imp. 8vo, 20s.

Dodridge's Family Expositor ; or, A Paraphrase and

Version of the New Testament. With Critical Notes. Portrait.
Imp. 8vo, 258.

Gray and Percy's Key to the Old and New Testament.

Crown 8vo, 9s.
Hervey's Meditations, 8vo, 9s.


Hone's (William) Every-Day Book, Table Book, and

Year Book; or, Everlasting Calendar of Amusements, Times and Seasong, Solemnities and Merry-Makings, Antiquities and Novelties ; forming a complete History of the Year, and a perpetual Key to the Almanacks. 730 Engravings on Wood, and Portrait. 4 vols., 8vo, £2 128. 6d.

Horne's (Bishop) Commentary on the Book of Psalms.

New and Complete Edition. 8vo, 128. King's New and Complete Concordance to the Holy

Scriptures, on the Basis of Cruden. Post 8vo, 108. Leland's (Dr. John) Divine Authority of the Old and

New Testament Asserted. 8vo, 109. Locke's (John) Essay on the Human Understanding.

With Portrait.

8vo. 128.

Lowth's (Bishop) Literal Translation of Isaiah. With

a Preliminary Dissertation and Notes. Portrait. 8vo, 108. Mason's Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God;

consisting of a Meditation for every Morning and Evening in the Year. 8vo, 108.

Mosheim's Institutes of Ecclesiastical History, Ancient

and Modern. By James Murdock, D.D. Revised, and Notes

added by Jantes Seaton Reid, D.D. 8vo, 188. Newton's (Bishop) Dissertations on the Prophecies,

8vo, 128.

Paley's Works. A New Edition. With Illustrative BOUND IN CALE GILT, MARBLED EDGES. Patrick's (Bishop) Commentary on the Historical and

Notes, and a Life of the Author. A Portrait Engraved on Steel after Romney. Super-royal 8vo, 188.

Paraphrase of the Poetical Books of the Old Testament; Lowth on the Prophets; Dr. Arnold on the Apocrypha; Dr. Whitby on the Gospels and Epistles; and Lowman on the Revelations. A

New and greatly, Improved Edition." 4 yolş. imp. $vo, £4 16s. Pearson's (Bishop) Exposition of the Creed. New

Edition. Carefully Collated and Corrected by, James Nichols.

With Portrait. 8vo, 135: Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, containing Memoirs

of the Lives and Works the most Eminent Professors of the Art, &c., by Allan Cunningham; with additional Lives added.

Frontispiece, 8vo, 16s. Plutarch's Lives. Translated from the Original Greek.

With Notes and Life of the Author, by Lapghorne, 8yo, 114, Prideaux's Connection of the Old and New Testa

ments. Ney Edition. By Dr. M'Caui and J: Talboys Wheeler,

Esq. "2 vols., 8vo, £48. Pulleyn's (W.) Etymological Compendium; or, Port

Tolio of Origins and Inventions. Third Edition, Revisea and
Improved,' by Merton A. Thomš, Esq., assisted by W: J. Thoms,
Editor of “Notes and Queries." Crown 8vo, 108: 6d.

Language, Literature, and Goveru * Parliament, Laws, &c.


and Religious Sects. Architecture and Sculpture.

Epithets and Phrases, Drama, Music, Painting, and Scien- Remarkable Oustoms.

Games, Field Sports. Articles of Dress, &c.

Seasons, Months, and Days of 'NilesDignities, &c. Names, Trades, Professions.

Remarkable Localities, &c. &c. Robinson's (Rev. Thomas) Scripture Characters; or,

A Practical Improvement of the Principal Histories in the Old and New Testament. Qyo, 128, 64.

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tific Discoveries.


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