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9 our God, we are ashamed, and blush lift our faces before thee; for our iniities are increased over our heads, and

trespasses are grown up éven unto the ivens. If we should attempt to justify selves, our own mouths would condemn

We have walked after vanity and bene vain : we have forsaken our own rcies. Our hearts are bent to backslide m thee the living God; they are deceitabove all things, and desperately wickand start aside like the broken bow. Lord, we come to thee, as the poor puban, praying, “God be merciful unto me zinner.' Sprinkle our consciences with e blood of Jesus, and we shall be an; wash us in that crimson fountain, d we shall be whiter than snow. May we justified freely through faith in Christ sus.

Let us have access unto that grace herein thy believing people stand, and reice in hope of the glory of God. Let thy pirit witness with our spirits, that we are aildren of God, and joint heirs with hrist. Lord give us a wise and understanding eart: that which we know not teach

O Holy Spirit guide us into all ruth, and make us to understand wherein re have erred. Make thy way plain before

hou us.

our face, because there are many that watch for our falling Lord give us to believe, and make us strong in faith, giving glory to God. Let our hearts be purified by faith ; and enable us by faith to overcome the world, to resist the devil, and to live continually upon Jesus, drawing out of his fulness grace for grace.

Unite out hearts to fear thy name, that we may never depart from thee. O give us grack to love thee supremely, to delight our selves always in thee, and thus experi ence the fulfilment of the desires of ou souls.

May the very God of peace sanctify wholly, and may our whole spirit be pro served blameless unto the coming of ou Lord Jesus Christ. Let goodness an mercy follow us all the days of our life and when we walk through the valley of

th shadow of death, he thou with us, that may fear no evil. Redeem our souls fror the power of the grave, and at length re ceive us to thy glory, through Jesus Chris our blessed Lord and Saviour ; to who with Thee, and the Holy Spirit, be al honor and glory, thanksgiving and praise for ever and ever. Amen.

For Tuesday Morning,
For God so loved the world, that he gave his

begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in should not perish, but have everlasting life." nji. 16. God in Christ, is a God of pity and comssion to us; a God of patience, a God of rcy, with whom is plenteous redempn; a God pardoning iniquity, and pass5 by transgression : loving us in our

estate; pardoning and washing us; ving us from our sins and from the ath to come. Such is the great love at kindles ours; abused love, provoked se, and yet forgiving love ! They to hom much is forgiven, will love much ! ow, in Christ, we have not only an terest in God, but, in some degree, a esent possession. “He that hath the Son, ath the Father also." We see his light, , -e behold and taste his goodness, we enpy his presence, he dwelleth in us, and re in him; and hence we love, and herein e rejoice. No wonder, that carnal hearts are strangers to this. But, oh! what a

sad wonder it is that Saints, who have so often mounted towards heaven, are yet no nearer home: that they, whose feet are so often on the mountain of the Lord, should be still so much on earth ; so far from God, when God is among them. Where, Christians, are your affections ! How is it they are here below? What have you here ? Your city is above, your home is above, your God, your Jesus, you treasure is above. How is it that where your treasure is, your hearts are not also that you direct to heaven your eyes, you prayers, your complaints, your promises and still leave your hearts below ? Did w love our God more, we certainly shoul be more with him, and to better purpose we should not go away without his blessing nor throw it away when we had obtaine it. Without this what is knowledge faith, hope, and patience? Dost thou valw thy soul? Is religion, is heaven, is Christ is God himself of any account with theel Then prize love to God : without whic he is no God to thee; Christ is no Chris to thee; heaven is no heaven for thee better thou hadst no being than be. desti tute of this.

O prize the love of God prize and seek, prize and pray : pray a for thy soul, as for thy everlasting king m! Love and thou wilt be holy, humble, d fruitful; love and thou wilt please, aise, and enjoy thy God. How little ectionate warmth is there in our spirits ! ) we feel our hearts tending upwards, rending in our own flames? We wish Il to his name and interest, we wish he re ours; we wish ourselves his. Oh! wishing were loving, what Christians vuld we be! But doth the kingdom God suffer violence ? the kingdom of aven may offer violence if it will, and te us by force; but how little violence th it suffer! We say we love God; we sire to be holy; but is there nothing we sire more? O how few cordial friends th Christ in the world ; and how little ection from those few! So little, that we anot tel

ourselves whether it be any ing or nothing. How many marks must

consider ere we can prove its existce; and yet at last be still in doubt! ow few of us can make our appeal to m, “Lord thou knowest that I love ee.” O Lord, do thou kindle in our souls is sacred fire ; and then shall our mouth Hopened; then will we speak of the gloous honour of thy majesty, and of thy ondrous works. Then shall we sing of File name which the Lord hath claimed ;

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