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be the true gold, that retaineth no dross. Now .come to SILVER, which is of less value, yet it may be a mark of some faith; as ye see in the world at large, and among the professors of religion, who say they believe that Christ came to die for the salvation of man, and that all was finished when he expired on the cross.

Here the silver will not bear the fire, without much dross appearing, when I bring them back to my Gospel-that I came to seek and to save that which was lost—that by the fall man was lost~that I should come again and restore that loss—that I should take out of my kingdom all that offended and did wickedly--that I died to overcome the world, and bring in the redemption of man—that I should send the Spirit of Truth to warn before my coming—that the Comforter should come, that should abide with you for ever. Now, where nien have not this faith, the fine gold is become dim, and the silver is mixed with dross. But now come to the PRECIOUS stone. There is no dross there: there is the PEARL OF GREAT PRICE: there is the ELECT PRECIOUS: there is the faith fixed upon the Rock of Ages: there is the faith fixed, as I said in my Gospel, of a man's building his house upon a rock, that the storms beat, and the winds blew; but it fell not; because it was builded upon the ROCK; and that rock was CHRIST- who was with Moses in the wilderness —who smote the rocks, and the waters gushed out—who sent the manna from heaven, and brought them that were obedient into the promised land.

“ These were types and shadows of the first. And know, I have explained to thee already why the Beasts were ordered to be offered up, as sinofferings, and as peace-offerings; and why I rended the kingdom from Saul-because he did not destroy the Beasts, as I commanded. For thou knowest, as a beast, Satan's curse was pro

49 nounced, in the form of a serpent, to be above every beast. But when I come to bring in my kingdom; then those who wish to preserve the Beast and have him remain will have my kingdom rénded from them, as I rended the kingdom from Saul. For as I'ordered a Lamb to be slain, and the blood to be put on the posts of the doors, that it might be seen, when the destroying angel went through Egypt, when I delivered the children of Israel from the band of Pharaoh, that these stood but types' and shadows of the end. And know from my Gospel, I came to be the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world: for as the blood of Abel crieth for vengeance, so the blood of Christ crieth for reconciliation; therefore it is written by the prophets that the blood of bulls and goats will not do; then said I, lo, I come, in the volume of the book it is written of me, to do thy will, O God. Then let them look to the creation, what was the will of God, when he created the woman; what was the will of God, when he pronounced the curse upon the serpent, for betraying the woman. When the eyes. of men's understanding are opened this to discern, and their faith is become like thine, they may say, he that trusteth in the Lord shall be as Mount Zion, that cannot be moved: for as the hills stand round about Jerusalem, so the Lord standeth round about his people, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against them--that he carries the lambs in his bosom, and gently leads those that are with young-that whosoever come unto ME, I will in no wise cast them out-that I am the VINE, and ye are the BRANCHES; and if ye abide in me, ye shall bear much fruit: for I died to overcome the world, and raise up my true friends and followers in the last day; and then shall I freely give them all things.

“ This is the faith that is compared to the


precious stone, built upon the foundation of my Gospel, which is Christ, the Rock of Ages, prophesied of by all the Prophets, that is spoken of in my Gospel, confirmed by the Apostles, and shewn to John, by visions, in the Revelations; and this is the Rock that I have given thee FAITH to build upon, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against.

“ And now come to the following wordsre

WOOD, HAY, STUBBLE: every man's works shall be made manifest.” Then now I ask thee, what is the use of wood? Thou sayest, for many things: it is good for bailding; it is good for shipping; it is good to make husbandry; it is good for the fire ; all kind of uses wood may be put to; so that the wood is of use in various ways. But now I ask thee, what is the use of Hay? Thou sayest, for bullocks and horses; but of no use for Christians, unless it were in a time of famine, they might contrive to eat that, instead of nothing. But as to the stubble, it is good for nothing but for fire, or to be cast as dung upon the earth.

« Then now I shall answer thee. Like HAY is my Gospel become to mankind; for so great is the famine, throughout the nation, of the true sense and meaning of my Gospel, what I spoke of the end, when I come to fulfil it; that I now tell thee, the fine Gold is become dim, the Silver is become dross, the Precious Stone is mocked and despised, the Wood remaineth to set it on fire ; which is now raging with the fury of hell, to destroy the Precious Stone; and my people are fed with hay and stubble. Thus will it be proved, when every man's work is tried; and therefore I shall kindle a fire the other way, to destroy the stubble; but the hay may remain to feed those whom thou hast compared to the beasts, for want of knowledge, wisdom, or understanding: because in this manner my people have been fed,

51 by men's keeping back the truth of my Gospel, what I spoke of the end. For this is the day that shall declare it; because it is revealed by fire-by the fire of my love; by the fire of mine anger shall every man's works now be tried, of what sort their faith is: but those whose faith abides, which they have built hereupon, according to my Gospel, and what I have revealed to thee, they shall receive a reward of their faith.

“ And now I shall come to Pomeroy. He will suffer loss; because he burned the work that was delivered to him. In this he suffered the loss of his honour at the first; and thou knowest not what he hath suffered in the loss of his peace of mind'; but what thou knowest not now, thou wilt know! hereafter. But as the words are spoken by the Apostle, so shall it be unto hiin: he hitiself shall be saved; yet so as by fire: he hath suffered the fire and indignation of mankind; and thou knowest not what fire he hath suffered within, through fear and jealousy. Thou knowest thy own sufferings, when the fire hath burnt two ways in thy heart, with faith and fear; thus the heart knoweth its own bitterness, that a stranger doth not intermeddle with. So thou canst no more judge of his heart, what different passions have been working there; or what fire, through jealousy, he hath felt, ariy more than he knoweth what thou hast felt. But now let him awake as one out of sleep; let him see how the fine Gold is become dim; and the Silver become dross; that he hath not discerned the Precious Stone; and therefore he burnt the works that were delivered to his hands; and thereby he suffered the loss he complained of. This let him discern and turn untó ME; then he will find I shall turn unto liim; and he shall be saved by the fire of my love; because he suffered this loss by the fire of Satan's malice, which he worked in men against

him without, and the temptations laid strongly within.

“Now come to the following words—" Know ye not that ye are the temples of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? But now I ask mankind, how they will prove that the Spirit of God dwelleth in them, to will and to do of my good pleasure; that the pleasure of the Lord hath prospered in their hands? For I now tell thee, when men come to be this Temple of God, that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you, then my Spirit cannot be rejected, nor can my will be refused.

If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.'

“ And now I shall answer thee, the meaning of these, words. Know I have told thee, from my visitation to thee, that the Spirit of God dwelleth in thee, because I have brought thee conformable to all his will, to obey every command I have given thee; and my commandments are holy, just, and good, to the everlasting happiness of mankind. But now come to the unbelief of mankind. How are the words defiled by men! how are they set at nought, as though they were from the devil! This is defiling the temple of the living God, where my Spirit dwelleth within, And let them discern further, how the rage of hell hath worked in men to be loving and making of lies, to defile thy character. Such I telt: thee I shall destroy; because I have said, that thy life is wholly dedicated to ME; and in thee I shall do all my good pleasure. Therefore let no man deceive himself; if any man among you seem to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise; which meaneth, to acknowledge his own folly, wherein he erred, trusting to the wisdom of the world ; then he will clearly discern that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God; for, as it is written, he

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