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Chap. ix.

Apocrypha. . dabatha with a great train, as being the , into the tower at Jerusalem to be kept. daughter of one of the great princes of 54. Moreover in the hundred fifty and Chanaan.

third year, in the second month, Alcimus 38 Therefore they remembered John commanded that the wall of the inner their brother, and went up, and hid them- court of the fanctuary should be pulled selves under the covert of the mountain : down : he pulled down also the works of

39 Where they lifted up their eyes, and the prophets. looked, and, behold, there was much ado 55 And as he began to pull down, even and great carriage: and the bridegroom at that time was Alcimus plagued, and came forth, and his friends and brethren, his enterprizes hindered: for his mouth to meet them with drums, and instruments was stopped, and he was taken with a of musick, and many weapons.

palsy, so that he could no more speak 40 Then Jonathan and they that were any thing, nor give order concerning his with him rose up against them from the house. place where they lay in ambush, and made 56 So Alcimus died at that time with a laughter of them in such fort, as many great torment. fell down dead, and the remnant fled 57 Now when Bacchides saw that Alinto the mountain, and they took all their cimus was dead, he returned to the king : spoils.

whereupon the land of Judea was in rest 41 Thus was the marriage turned into two years. mourning, and the noise of their melody 58 Then all the ungodly men held a into lamentation.

council, saying, Behold, Jonathan and his 42 So when they had avenged fully the company are at ease, and dwell without blood of their brother, they turned again care : now therefore we will bring Bacto the marsh of Jordan.

chides hither, who shall take them all in 43 Now when Bacchides heard hereof, one night. he came on the sabbath day unto the 59 So they went and consulted with him. banks of Jordan with a great power.

60 Then removed he, and came with a 44 Then Jonathan said to his company, great hoft, and sent letters privily to his Let us go up now and fight for our lives, adherents in Judea, that they should take for it standeth not with us to day, as in Jonathan and those that were with him :

howbeit they could not, because their 45 For, behold, the battle is before us counsel was known unto them. and behind us, and the water of Jordan 61 Wherefore they took of the men on this side and that side, the marih like- of the country that were authors of that wise and wood, neither is there place for mischief, about fifty persons, and New us to turn alide.

them. 46 Wherefore

cry ye now unto heaven, 62 Afterward Jonathan, and Simon,and that ye may be delivered from the hand they that were with him, got them away of your enemies.

to Bethbasi, which is in the wilderness, 47. With that they joined battle, and and they repaired the decays thereof, and Jonathan stretched forth his hand to imite made it strong. Bacchides, but lie turned back from himn. 63 Which thing when Bacchides knew,

48 Then Jonathan and thcy that were he gathered together all his hoft, and fent with him leapt into Jordan, and fivam word to them that were of Judea. over unto the farther bank: howbeit the 64 Then went he and laid liege against other passed not over Jordan unto them. Bethbasi; and they fought against it a

49 So there were Nain of Bacchides' long season, and made engines of war. fide that day about a thousand men. 65 But Jonathan left his brother Simon

50 Afterwards returned Bacchides to Je- in the city, and went forth himself into rutalem, and repaired the strong cities in the country, and with a certain number Judea ; the fort in Jericho, and Emmaus, went he forth. and Bethhoron, and Bethel, and Tham 66 And he smote Odonarkes and his natha, Pharathoni, and Taphon, theje did | brethren, and the children of Phafiron in be strengthen with high walls, with gates, their tent. and with bars.

67 And when he began to smite them, 51 And in them he set a garrison, that and came up with his forces, Simon and they might work malice upon Ifrael. his company went out of the city, and

52 He fortified also the city Bethsura, burned up the engines of war, and Gazara, and the tower, and put forces 68 And fought against Bacchides, who in them, and provision of victuals. was discomfited by them, and they af

53 Besides, he took the chiefmen's fons Dicted him fore : for his counsel and train the country for hostages, and put them' vail was in vain.

* K3

69 Wherefore

time past :


Apocrypha. . 69 Wherefore he was very wroth at the 11 And he commanded the workmen wicked men that gave him counsel to to build the walls and the mount Sion come into the country, insomuch as he round about with square ftones for forNew many of them, and purposed to re- tification ; and they did so. turn into his own country:

12 Then the strangers, that were in 70 Whereof when Jonathan had know the fortresses which Bacchides had built, Jedge, he sent ambassadors unto him, to Aed away ; the end he should make peace with him, 13 Insomuch as every man left his place, and deliver them the prisoners.

and went into his own country. 71 Which thing he accepted, and did 14 Only at Bethsura certain of those according to his demands, and sware unto that had forsaken the law and the comhim that he would never do him harm mandments remained still: for it was all the days of his life.

their place of refuge. 72. When therefore he had restored 15 Now when king Alexander had unto him the prisoners that he had taken heard what promises Demetrius had sent aforetime out of the land of Judea, he re- unto Jonathan : when also it was told turned and went his way into his own him of the battles and noble acts which land, neither came he any more into their he and his brethren had done, and of the borders.

pains that they had endured, 73 Thus the sword ceased from Israel : 16 He said, Shall we find such another but Jonathan dwelt at Machmas, and man? now therefore we will make him began to govern the people, and he de. our friend and confederate. stroyed the ungodly men out of Israel. 17 Upon this he wrote a letter, and CHAP. X.

sent it unto him, according to these I Demetrius maketh large offers to bave words, saying,

peace with Jonathan : 25 bis letters to 18 King Alexander to his brother Jou the Jews.

nathan sendeth greeting : IN

N the hundred and fixtieth year Alex 19 We have heard of thee, that thou

ander, the son of Antiochus furnamed art a man of great power, and meet to be Epiphanes, went up and took Ptolemais : our friend. for the people had received him, by means 20 Wherefore now this day we orwhereof he reigned there.

dain thee to be the high priest of thy 2 Now when king Demetrius heard nation, and to be called the king's friend; thereof, he gathered together an exceed (and therewithal he sent him a purple ing great host, and went forth against him robe and a crown of gold :) and require to fignt.

thee to take our part, and keep friendihip 3 Moreover Demetrius sent letters un- with us. to Jonathan with loving words, so as he 21 So in the seventh month of the magnified him.

hundred and fixtieth year, at the feast of 4 For said he, Let us first make peace the tabernacles, Jonathan put on the holy with him, before he join with Alexander robe, and gathered together forces, and against us:

provided much armour. ş Else he will remember all the evils 22 Whereof when Demetrius heard, he that we have done against him, and a was very sorry, and said, gainst his brethren, and his people. 23 What have we done, that Alexander

6 Wherefore he gave him authority to hath prevented us in making amity with gather together an hoft, and to provide the Jews to strengthen himself? weapons, that he might aid him in bat 24 I also will write unto them words of tle: he commanded also that the host- encouragement, and promise them digniages that were in the tower should be de- ties and gifts, that I may have their aid. livercd him.

25 T He sent unto them therefore to 7 Then came Jonathan to Jerusalem, and this effect: King Demetrius unto the read the letters in the audience of all the people of the Jews sendeth greeting : people, and of them that were in the tower: 26 Whereas ye have kept covenants

8 Who were fore afraid, when they with us, and continued in our friendship, heard that the king had given hiin au- not joining yourselves with our enemies, thority to gather together an hoft. we have heard hereof, and are glad.

9 Whereupon they of the tower deli 27 Wherefore now continue ye still to vered their hostages unto Jonathan, and be faithful unto us, and we will well rehe delivered them unto their parents. compense you for the things ye do in our

10 This done, Jonathan settled himself behalf, in Jerusalem, and began to build and re 28 And will grant you many immunipair the city,

ties, and give you rewards.


Chap. x.

Apocrypha. 29. And now do I free you, and for 41 And all the overplus, which the ofyour sake I release all the Jews, from tri- ficers payed not as in former time, from butes, and from the customs of salt, and henceforth shall be given toward the works from crown taxes,

of the temple. 30 And from that which appertaineth 42 And beside this, the five thousand unto me to receive for the third part of thekels of filver, which they took from the seed, and the half of the fruit of the the uses of the temple out of the actrees, I release it from this day forth, fo counts year by year, even those things that they Mall not be taken of the land thall be released, because they appertain of Judea, nor of the three governments to the priests that minister. which are added thereunto out of the A3 And whosoever they be that fee uncountry of Samaria and Galilee, from to the temple at Jerusalem, or be within this day forth for evermore.

the liberties thereof, being indebted unto 31 Let Jerusalem also be, holy and free, the king, or for any other matter, let with the borders thereof, both from them be at liberty, and all that they have tenths and tributes.

in my realm. 32 And as for the tower which is at 44 For the building also and repairing Jerusalem, I yield up my authority over of the works of the sanctuary expences it, and give it to the high priest, that he shall be given of the king's accounts. may set in it such men as he shall choose 45 Yea, and for the building of the walls to keep it.

of Jerusalem, and the fortifying thereof 33 Moreover I freely set at liberty round about, expences shall be given out every one of the Jews, that were carried of the king's accounts, as also for the captives out of the land of Judea into any building of the walls in Judea. part of my kingdom, and I will that all 46 Now when Jonathan and the people my officers remit the tributés even of heard these words, they gave no credit their cattle.

unto them, nor received them, because 34 Furthermore I will that all the they remembered the great evil that he feasts, end fabbaths, and new moons, and had done in Israel ; for he had afllicted solemn days, and the three days before them very fore. the feast, and the three days after the 47 But with Alexander they were well feast, shall be all days of immunity and pleased, because he was the first that enfreedom for all the Jews in my realm. treated of true peace with them, and they

35 Also no man shall have authority to were confederate with him always. meddle with them, or to moleft any of 48 Then gathered king Alexander them in any matter.

great forces, and camped over against 36 I will further, that there be en- Demetrius. rolled among the king's forces about 49 And after the two kings had joined thirty thousand men of the Jews, unto battle, Demetrius' hoft fled: but' Aleia whom pay shall be given, as belongeth ander followed after him, and prevailed to all the king's forces.

against them. 37 And of them fome shall be placed 50 And he continued the battle very in the king's strong holds, of whom also fore until the sun went down: and that Some shall be fet over the affairs of the day was Demetrius slain. kingdom, which are of trust: and I will SI Afterward Alexander sent ambassathat their overseers and governors be of dors to Ptolemee king of Egypt with a themselves, and that they live after their meslage to this effect : own laws, even as the king hath com 52 Forasmuch as I am come again to manded in the land of Judea.

my realm, and am set on the throne of 38 And concerning the three govern- my progenitors, and have gotten the doments that are added to Judea from the minion, and overthrown Demetrius, and country of Samaria, let them be joined recovered our country; with Judea, that they may be reckoned 53 For after I had joined battle with to be under one, nor bound to obey him, both he and his hoft was discomother authority than the high priest's. fited by us, so that we sit in the throne of

39. As for Ptolemais and the land per- his kingdom: taining thereto, I give it as a free gift to 54 Now therefore let us make a league the fanctuary of Jerusalem for the necef- of amity together, and give me now thy {ary expences of the sanctuary.

daughter to wife: and I will be thy son40 Moreover I give every year fifteen in-law, and will give both thee and her thousand shekels of silver out of the gifts, according to thy dignity. king's accounts from the places apper 55 Then Ptolemee the king gave an: taining:

{wer, saying, Happy be the day wherein



Apocrypha. .

Apocrypha. thou didst return into the land of thy | vaunt thy power against us in the mounfathers, and satelt in the throne of their tains ? kingdom.

71 Now therefore, if thou trustest in 56 And now will I do to thee, as thou thine own strength, come down to us inhaft written : meet me therefore at Ptole- to the plain field, and there let us try the mais, that we may fee one another; for | matter together: for with me is the pow, I will marry my daughter to thee accord- er of the cities. ing to thy delire.

72 Ask and learn who I am, and the 57 So Ptolemee went out of Egypt rest that take our part, and they shall tell with his daughter Cleopatra, and they thee that thy foot is not able to stand came unto Ptolemais in the hundred before our face ; for thy fathers have been threescore and second year:

twice put to fight in their own land. 58 Where king Alexander meeting 73 Wherefore now thou shalt not be him, gave unto him his daughter Cleopa- able to abide the horsemen and so great tra, and celebrated her marriage at Ptole- a power in the plain, where is neither mais with great glory, as the manner of stone nor fiint, nor place to flee unto. kings is.

74 So when Jonathan heard these words 59 Now king Alexander had written of Apollonius, he was moved in his mind, unto Jonathan, that he should come and and choosing ten thousand men he went meet him.

out of Jerusalem, where Simon his bro60 Who thereupon rent honourably ther met him for to help him. to Ptolemais, where he met the two 75 And he pitched his tents against bings, and gave them and their friends Joppe : but they of Joppe Mhut him out filver and gold, and many presents, and of the city, because Apollonius had a garfound favour in their fight.

rifon there. 61 At that time certain pesilent fel 76 Then Jonathan laid siege unto it: lors of Israel, men of a wicked life, af- whereupon they of the city let him in 1embled themselves against him, to accuse for fear: and fo Jonathan won Joppe. him : but the king would not hear them. 77 Whereof when Apollonius hcard,

62. Yea more than that, the king com- | lie took three thousand horsemen, with a manded to take off his garments, and great host of footmen, and went to Azotus clothe him in purple; and they did fo. as one that journeyed, and therewithal

63. Also he made him fit by himself, drew him forth into the plain, becaute he and faid unto his princes, Go with him in- had a great number of horsemen, in whom to the midst of the city, and make procla- lie put his trust. mation, that no man complain against him 78 Then Jonathan followed after him to of any matter, and that no man trouble Azotue, where the armies joined battle. him for any manner of cause.

79 Now Apollonius had left a thou. 64 Now when his accufers saw that he and horsemen in ambuil. Was honoured according to the proclama 80 And Jonathan knew that there was lion, and clothed in purple, they fed all an ambuhment behind him; for they away:

had compassed in his hoft, and cast 65 So the king honoured him, and darts at the people, from morning till wrote hiin among his chief friends, and evening. made him a duke, and partaker of his 81 But the people stood Nill, as Jonademinion.

than had commanded thein : and to the 66 Afterward Jonathan returned to Je- enemies' horses were tired. rufalem with peace and gladueís.

82 Then brought Simon forth his host, 6. Furthermore in the lunclred three- and set them against the footmen, (for the feore and lifth year came Denctrius fon horsemen were spent,) who were discomof Denetrius out of Crete into the land fited by him, and fleçl. of his fathers :

8; The horsemen alto, being scattered 68 Whereofvhenking Alexander heard in the field, Ned to Azotus, and went te], he was right forry, and returned into into Beth-dagon, their idol's temple, for Antioch.

lafety. 69 Then Demetrius made Apollonius 84 But Jonathan set fire on Azotus, the governor of Cciotyria his general, who and the cities round about it, and took gathered together a great hoit, and camp- their spoils; and the temple of Dagon, ein Jamnia, and fint unto Jonathan the with them that were fled into it, he burnHigh prieit, saying,

ed with fire. - Thou alone liftest up thyself against 8; Thus there were burned and sain us, and I am laughed to fcorn for thy with the sword well nigh eight thousand take, and reproached: and why dost thou I men,


Clap. xi.

Apocrypha. 86 And from thence Jonathan removed 12 ( Wherefore he took his daughter his host, and camped against Afcalon, | from him, and gave her to Demetrius, where the men of the city came forth, and forsook Alexander, so that their haand met him with great pomp.

tred was openly known. 87 After this returned Jonathan and his 13 Then Ptolemee entered into Antihoft unto Jerusalem, having many spoils. och, where he fet two crowns upon his

88 Now when king Alexander heard head, the crown of Asia, and of Egypt, these things, he honoured Jonathan yet 14. In the mean season was king Alexmore,

ander in Cilicia, because those that dwelt 89 And sent him a buckle of gold, as in those parts had revolted from him. the use is to be given to such as are of the 15 But when Alexander heard of this, king's blood : he gave him allo Accaron he came to war against him: whereupon with the borders thereof in possession. king Ptolemee brought forth his host, and C H 1 P. XI.

met him with a mighty power, and put 12 Ptolemee taketh away his daughter from him to fight.

Alexander, and entereth upon his kingdom. 16 So Alexander fled into Arabia, 20 Jonathan besiegeth the tower at Jeru- there to be defended; but king Ptolemee folem : 61 his exploits in divers places. was exalted : A ned here kinge af keyptiat hered to

17 For Zabdiel the Arabian took off gether a great hoft, like the sand Alexander's head, and sent it unto Ptothat lieth upon the sea fhore, and many lemee. Ships, and went about through deceit: 18 King Ptolemee also died the third to get Alexander's kingdom, and join it day after, and they that were in the to his own.

strong holds were sain one of another. 2 Whereupon he took his journey into 19 By this means Demetrius reigned in Syria in peaceable manner, fo as they the hundred threescore and seventh year. of the cities opened unto him, and met 20 q At the same time Jonathan gahim : for king Alexander had command- thered together them that were in Judea, ed them fo to do, because he was his to take the tower that was in Jerusalem : father in law.

and he made many engines of war a3 Now as Ptolemee entered into the gainst it. cities, he set in every one of them a gar 21 Then certain ungodly persons, who rison of soldiers to keep it.

hated their own people, went unto the 4. And when he came near to Azotus, king, and told him that Jonathan bethey shewed him the temple of Dagon fieged the tower. that was burnt. And Azotus and the 22. Whereof when he heard, he was fuburbs thereof that were destroyed, and angry, and immediately removing, he the bodies that were cast abroad, and came to Ptolemais, and wrote unto Jothem that he had burnt in the battle ; nathan, that he should not lay fiege to for they had made heaps of them by the the tower, but come and speak with him way where he should pass.

at Ptolemais in great haste. Ś Also they told the king whatsoever Jo 23. Nevertheless Jonathan, when he nathan had done, to the intent he might heard this, commanded to besiege it blame him; but the king held his peace. Still: and he chose certain of the elders

6 Then Jonathan met the king with of Ifrael and the priests, and put himself great pomp at Joppe, where they faluted in peril; une another, and lodged.

24. And took filver and gold, and rai7 Afterward Jonathan, when he had ment, and divers presents belides, and gone with the king to the river called [ went to Ptolemais unto the king, where leutherus, returned again to Jerusalem. he found favour in his fight.

8 King Ptolemee therefore, having got 25 And though certain ungodly men ten the dominion of the cities of the sea of the people had made complaints aunto Selucia upon the fea coult, imagined gainst him, wicked counsels against Alexander.

26 Yet the ing entreated him as his Whereupon he fent amballadors un- predecefiors had done before, and proto king Demetrius, saying, Come, let us moted him in the light of all his friends, make a league betwixt us, and I will give 27 And confirmed him in the high thee my daughter whom Alexander priesthood, and in all the honours that he haath, and thou Hialt reign in thy father's had before, and gave him preeminence kingdom :

among his chief friends. 10 Tor I repent that I gave my daugh 28 Then Jonathan desired the king, ter unto him, for he fought to lay me. that he would make Judea free from

11 Thus did he lander him, because tribute, as also the three goreraments, he was delirous of his kingdom,


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