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1 Ezra 1.1, 3.


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and the temple of their God was cast to thee back into the hill-country, and shall
the ground, and their cities were taken by set thee in one of the cities of the passages.
the enemies.

8 And thou thalt not perish till thou be
19 But ' now are they returned to their destroyed with them.
God, and are come up from the places where 9 And if thou perswade thy self in thy

they were scattered, and have polfeiled Jeru- mind, that they shall not be taken, let not * Or, have their falem, where their fanctuary is, and * are thy countenance fall: I have spoken it, and

seated in the hill-country; for it was desolate. none of my words shall be in vain.
20 Now therefore, my lord and governor,

10 Then Holofernes commanded his fer-
if there be any error in this people, and vants that waited in his tent, to take Achi-
they sin against their God, let us confider or, and bring him to Bethulia, and deliver
that this ihall be their ruin, and let us go him into the hands of the children of Ifrael.
up, and we shall overcome them.

II So his servants took him, and brought
21 But if there be no iniquity in their him out of the camp into the plain, and
nation, let my lord now pass by, left their they went from the midst of the plain into
Lord defend them, and their God be for the hill-country, and came unto the foun-
them, and we become a reproach before all tains that were under Bethulia.
the world.

12 And when the men of the city saw
22 And when Achior had finished these them, they took up their weapons, and went
sayings, all the people standing round about out of the city to the top of the hill : and
the tent, murmured, and the chief men of every man that used a fling, kept them from
Holofernes, and all that dwelt by the sea- coming up, by casting of stones against them.
side, and in Moab, spake that he thould 13 Nevertheless, having gotten privily un-
kill him.

der the hill, they bound Achior, and cast 23 For, say they, we will not be afraid him down, and left him at the foot of the of the face of the children of Israel: for hill, and returned to their lord.

lo, it is a people that have no strength nor 14 But the Israelites descended from their † Gr. against a power t for a strong battle.

city, and came unto him, and loofed him, and mighing army. 24 Now. therefore, lord Holofernes, we brought him into Bethulia, and presented

will go up, and they shall be a prey, to be him to the governors of the city :
devoured of all thine army.

·15 Which were in those days, Ozias the

son of Micha of the tribe of Simeon, and i Holofernes despiseth God. 7 He threat- Chabris the son of Gothoniel, and Charmis neth Achior, and sendeth him away.


the son of Melchiel.
The Bethulians receive and hear him. 18 16 And they called together all the an-
They fall to prayer, and comfort Achior. cients of the city, and all their youth ran
Nd when the tumult of men that were together, and their women to the assembly,

about the counsel was ceased, Holo- and they set Achior in the midst of all their
fernes the chief captain of the army of Af people. Then Ozias asked him of that
fur, said unto Achior and all the Moabites, which was done.
before all the company of other nations, 17 And he answered and declared unto

2 And who art thou, Achior, and the hire- them the words of the counsel of Holofer-
lings of Ephraim, that thou hast prophesied nes, and all the words that he had spoken
amongst us as to day, and hast said, that we in the midst of the princes of Allur, and
should not make war with the people of whatsoever Holofernes had spoken proudly
Ifrael, because their God will defend them? against the house of Israel.
and who is God but Nabuchodonofor ? 18 Then the people fell down and wor-

3 He will send his power, and will de- shipped God, and cried unto God, saying,
stroy them from the face of the earth, and 19 O Lord God of heaven, behold their
their God shall not deliver them ; but we pride, and pity the low estate of our na-
his servants will destroy them as one man ; ' tion, and look upon the face of those that
for they are not able to sustain the power are sanctified unto thee this day.
of our horses.

20 Then they comforted Achior, and
4 For with them we will tread them un- praised him greatly.
der foot, and their mountains shall be drun- 21 And Ozias took him out of the af-
ken with their blood, and their fields shall sembly unto his house, and made a feast to
be filled with their dead bodies, and their the elders, and they called on the God of
footsteps shall not be able to ftand before Ifrael all that night for help.
us, for they shall utterly perish, faith king

Nabuchodonosor, lord of all the earth; for i Holofernes besiegeth Bethulia, 7 and stop-
he said, None of my words shall be in vain. peth the water from them. 22 They faint,

5 And thou, Achior, an hireling of Am- and murmur against the governors, 30 mon, which haft spoken these words in the who promise to yield within five days. day of thine iniquity, shalt see my face no "He next day Holofernes commanded more from this day, until I take vengeance all his army, and all his people which of this nation that came out of Egypt. were come to take his part, that they should

6 And then shall the sword of mine ar- remove their camp against Bethulia, to take my, and the multitude of them that serve aforehand the ascents of the hill-country, me, pass through thy fides, and thou shalt and to make war against the children of fall among their slain, when I return. Israel, 7 Now therefore my servants shall bring

2 Then





Chap. vii.


2 Then their strong men removed their of the Assyrians, and they pitched in the camps in that day, and the army of the valley, and took the waters, and the founmen of war was an hundred and seventy tains of the waters of the children of Ifracl: thousand footmen, and twelve thousand 18 Then the children of Efau went up horsemen, beside the baggage, and other with the children of Ammon, and camped men that were afoot amongst them, a very in the hill-country over againů Dothaim : great multitude.

and they sent some of them toward the 3 And they camped in the valley near south, and toward the eait, over against

unto Bethulia, by the fountain, and they Ekrebel, which is near unto Chusi, that is • from Dothaim, spread themselves in breadth *

over Dotha- upon the brook Mochmur; and the rest of Junius.

im, even to Belmaim, and in length from the army of the Allyrians camped in the t Gl. bean-food. Bethulia unto † Cyamon, which is over a- plain, and covered the face of the whole gainst Efdraelom.

land ; and their tents and carriages were
4 Now the children of Israel when they pitched to a very grcat multitude.
saw the multitude of them, were greatly 19 Then the children of Israel cried una
troubled, and said every one to his neigh- to the Lord their God, because their heart
bour, Now will these men lick up the face failed, for all their enemies had compassed
of the earth ; for neither the high moun-

them round about, and there was no way
tains, nor the valleys, nor the hills are able to escape out from among them.
to bear their weight.

20 Thus all the company of Affur re-
5 Then every man took up his weapons mained about them, both their footmen,
of war, and when they had' kindled fires chariots, and horsemen, four and thirty days,
upon their towers they remained and watch- so that all their vessels of water failed all the
ed all that night.

inhabitants of Bethulia. 6 But in the second day, Holofernes 21 And the $ cikerns were emptied, and + Or, fleti brought forth all his horsemen, in the fight they had not water to drink their fill for one of the children of Israel which were in Be- day; for they gave them drink by measure: thulia,

22 Therefore their young children were
7 And viewed the passages up to the ci- out of heart, and their women and young
ty, and came to the fountains of their wa- men fainted for thirst, and fell down in the
ters, and took them, and set garisons of streets of the city, and by the passages of
men of war over them, and he himself re- the gates, and there was no longer any
moved towards his people.

strength in them.
8 Then came unto him all the chief of 23 Then all the people assembled to Ozi-
the children of Efau, and all the governors

as, and to the chief of the city, both young
of the people of Moab, and the captains men a d women, and children, and cried with
of the sea-coast, and said,

a loud voice, and said before all the elders,
9 Let our lord now hear a word, that 24 God be judge between us and you : *Exod. s. aid
there be not an overthrow in thine army. for you have done us great injury, in that

10 For this people of the children of Il- you have not required peace of the chil-
rael do not trust in their spears, but in the dren of Aflur.
height of the mountains wherein they dwell, 25 For now we have no helper : but
because it is not easie to come up to the

God hath fold us into their hands, that we
tops of their mountains.

should be thrown down before them with
11 Now therefore, my lord, fight not a- thirit, and great destruction.
gainst them in battle aray, and there shall 26 Now therefore call them into you,
not so much as one man of thy people perifh. and deliver the whole city for a spoil to the

12 Remain in thy camp, and keep all the people of Holofernes, and to all his army.
men of thine army, and let thy servants get 27 For it is better for us to be made a
into their hands the fountain of water, which spoil unto them, than to die for thirst: for we
issueth forth of the foot of the mountain : will be his servants, that our souls may live,and

13 (For all the inhabitants of Bethulia not see the death of our infants before our have their water thence) so shall thirst kill eyes, nor our wives nor our children to die. them, and they shall give up their city, and 28 We take to witness against you, the we and our people shall go up to the tops

heaven and the earth, and our God and Lord of the mountains that are near, and will of our fathers, which punisheth us according camp upon them, to watch that none go to our sins, and the sins of our father's, *that * Or, luft bie doj out of the city.

he do not according as we have faid this day, meaning Holes 14 So they and their wives and their 29 Then there was great weeping with children shall be consumed with famine, one consent in the midst of the allembly, and before the sword come against them, and they cried unto the Lord God with a they shall be overthrown in the streets loud voice. where they dwell .

30 Then said Ozias to them, Brethren,
15 Thus shalt thou render them an evil be of good courage, let us yet endure five
reward: because they rebelled and met not days, in the which space the Lord our God
thy person peaceably.

may turn his mercy towards us ; for he
16 And these words pleased Holofernes, will not forsake us utterly.
and all his servants, and he appointed to do 31 And if these days pass, and there
as they had spoken.

come no help unto us, I will do according
17 So the camp of the children of Am- to your word.
mon departed, and with them five thousand

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• fernes.

32 And




& 4.7. & 6.10

32 And he dispersed the people every one

heart of man, neither can ye.perceive the
to their own charge ; and they went unto the things that he thinketh : then how can you
walls and towers of their city, and sent the search out God, that hath made all these
women and children into their houses: and things, and know his mind, or comprehend
they were very low brought in the city. his purpose ? Nay, my brethren, provoke

not the Lord our God to anger.
i The state and behaviour of Judith a wi- 15 For if he will not help us within these

dow. 12 She blameth the governors for five days, he hath power to defend us when
their promise to yield, 17 and adviseth he will, even every day, or to destroy us
them to trust in God. 28 They excuse before our enemies.
their promise. 32 She promiseth to do 16 Do not $ bind the counsels of the Lord + Or, engaged
something for them.

our God : for God is not as man, that he Numbo ag. igi Ow at that time Judith heard thereof, may be threatned neither is he as the son

which was the daughter of Merari, of manthat he be wavering.
the son of Ox, the son of Joseph, the son of 17 Therefore let us wait for falvation of
Oziel, the son of Elcia, the ton of Ananias, the him, and call upon him to help us, and he
son of Gedeon, the son of Raphaim, the son will hear our voice if it please him.

of Acitho, the son of Eliu, the son of Eliab, 18 For there arose none in our age, nei*01, Samadiel, the son of Nathanael, the son of * Samael, ther is there any now in these days, neither

the son of Salasadai, the son of Israel. tribe nor family, nor * people, nor city a- * 0s, town.

2 And Manasses was her husband of her mong us, which worship gods made with
tribe and kindred, who died in the barley- hands, -as hath been aforetime.

Judges a. II harvest.

19 For the which cause our fathers were
3 For as he stood overseeing them that given to the sword, and for a spoil, and had
bound Theaves in the field, the heat came a great fall before our enemies.
upon his head, and he fell on his bed, and 20 But we know none other god, there-
died in the city of Bethulia, and they bu- fore we trust that he will not despise us,
ried him with his fathers in the field be- nor any of our nation.
tween Dothaim and Balamo.

21 For if we be taken so, all Judea shall
4 So Judith was a widow in her house lie waste, and our fanctuary shall be spoiled,
three years and four months.

and he will require the profanation thereof 5 And she made her a tent upon the top

at our mouth. of her house, and put on sackcloth upon 22 And † the slaughter of our brethren, † Oss fears her loyns, and ware her widows apparel. and the captivity of the country, and the

6 And the fasted all the days of her wi- desolation of our inheritance, will he turn
dowhood, save the eves of the fabbaths, upon our heads among the Gentiles, where-
and the sabbaths, and the eves of the new- soever we shall be in bondage, and we shall
moons, and the new-moons, and the feasts, be an offence and a reproach to all them
and folemn days of the house of Israel.

that possess us.
7 She was also of a goodly countenance, 23 For our servitude shall not be direct-
and very beautiful to behold: and her husband ed to favour : but the Lord our God shall
Manasses had left her gold and silver, and turn it to dishonour.

men-lervants, and maid-fervants, and cattle, 24 Now therefore, O brethren, let us shew | Or, and the and lands, † and the remained upon them. an example to our brethren, because their

8 And there was none that gave her an hearts depend upon us, and the sanctuary, ill word ; for the feared God greatly. and the house, and the altar rest upon us.

9 Now when she heard the evil words of 25 Moreover, let us give thanks to the the people against the governor, that they Lord our God, which trieth us, even as he

fainted for lack of water (for Judith had did our fathers. • Chap. 7.30, heard all • the words that Ozias had spoken 26 Remember what things he did to d A-d Gen. 12, si

unto them, and that he had sworn to deliver braham, and how he tried Ifaac, and what
the city unto the Assyrians after five days) happened to Jacob in Mesopotamia of Syria, 'Gen 25. 9.

10 Then she sent her waiting-woman that when he kept the sheep of Laban his mo-
had the government of all things that she thers brother.
had, to call Ozias, and Chabris, and Char- 27 For he hath not tried us in the fire as
mis, the ancients of the city.

he did them, for the examination of their
11 And they came unto her, and she said hearts, neither hath he taken vengeance on
unto them, Hear me now, O ye governors us : but the Lord doth scourge them that
of the inhabitants of Bethulia : for your come near unto him to admonish them.
words that you have spoken before the

peo- 28 Then said Ozias to her, All that thou
ple this day are not right, touching this oath haft spoken, haft thou spoken with a good
which ye made, and pronounced between heart, and there is none that may gainsay
God and you, and have promised to deli- thy words.
ver the city to our enemies, unless within 29 For this is not the first day wherein
these days the Lord turn to help you. thy wisdom is manifested ; but from the

12 And now, who are you that have beginning of thy days all the people have
tempted God this day, and stand in stead known thy understanding, because the dif-
of God amongst the children of men ? position of thine heart is good.

13 And now try the Lord Almighty, but 30 But the people were very thirsty, and you shall never know any thing.

compelled us to do unto them as we have 14 For you cannot find the depth of the


kepe tum.




Chap. ix, X.


& 5. 266


12 I

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spoken, and to bring an oath upon our and to pollute the tabernacle, where thy
selves, which we will not break.

glorious name refteth, and to cait down
31 Therefore now pray thou for us, be- with sword the horn of thy altar.
cause thou art a godly woman, and the 9 Behold their pride, and send thy wrath
Lord will send us rain to fill our cisterns, upon their heads : give into mine hand which
and we shall faint no more.

am a widow, the power that I have conceived.
32 Then said Judith unto them, Hear 10 • Smite by the deceit of my lips the judges a sto
me, and I will do a thing which shall go servant with the prince, and the prince with
throughout all generations, to the children the servant : break down their stateliness
of our nation.

by the hand of a woman.
33 You shall stand this night in the gate, 11 . For thy power standeth not in mul- fordges 7. 2
and I will go forth with my waiting-woman: titude, nor thy might in strong men : for & 16.6. &**•.
and within the days that you have promised thou art a God of the afflicted, and helper
to deliver the city to our enemies, the Lord of the oppressed, an upholder of the weak,
will visit Israel by mine hand.

a protector of the forlorn, a saviour of them
34 But enquire not you of mine act : that are without hope.
for I will not declare it unto you, till the pray thee, I pray thee, O God of
things be finished that I do.

my father, and God of the inheritance of
35 Then said Ozias and the princes unto Ifrael, Lord of the heavens and earth, Crea-
her, Go in peace, and the Lord God be before tor of the waters, King of every creature,
thee, to take vengeance on our enemies.

hear thou my prayer :
i 36 So they returned from the tent, and 13 And make my speech and deceit to
went to their wards.

be their wound and stripe, who have pur-

posed cruel things against thy covenant, and
1 Judith humbleth her self, 2 and prayeth thy hallowed house, and against the top of

God to prosper her purpose against the Sion, and against the house of the poliefli-
enemies of his fan&tuary.

on of thy children.
Hen Judith fell upon her face, and 14 And make every nation and tribe to ac-

put ashes upon her head, and unco- knowledge that thou art the God of all power
vered the fackcloth wherewith she was and might, and that there is none other that
clothed ; and about the time that the in- protecteth the people of Israel but thou.
cense of that evening was offered in Jeru-

+ H A P. X.
salem, in the house of the Lord, Judith 3 Judith doth set forth her self. 10 She and
cried with a loud voice, and said,

her maid go forth into the camp: 17 The
2 O Lord God of my father • Simeon, to

watch take and conduct her to Holofernes. whom thou gavest a sword to take vengeance

Ow after that she had ceased to cry
of the strangers, who loosened the girdle of a unto the God of Israel, and had made

maid to dešle her, and discovered the thigh an end of all these words,
i to her shame, and polluted her virginity to 2 She rose where she had fallen down,

her reproach, (for thou saidīt, It ihall not and called her maid, and went down into
be so, and yet they did so)

the house, in the which the abode in the
3 Wherefore thou gaveft their rulers to be fabbath-days, and in' her feast-days,
Nain, so that they dyed their bed in blood, be- 3 And pulled off the fackcloth which she
ing deceived, and smotest the servants with had on, and put off the garments of her wi-
their lords, and the lords upon their thrones; dowhood, and washed her body all over with
4 And hast given their wives for a prey,

water, and anointed her self with precious
and their daughters to be captives, and all ointment, and braided the hair of her head,
their spoils to be divided amongst thy dear and put on a * tire upon it, and put on her gar- * Gi, mitne,
children ; which were moved with thy zeal, ments of gladness, wherewith she was clad
and abhorred the pollution of their blood, during the life of Manaffes her husband.
and called upon thee for aid : 0 God, O 4 And she took sandals upon her feet, and
my God, hear me also a widow.

put about her her bracelets, and her chains, 5 For thou hast wrought not only those and her rings, and her ear-rings, and all her things, but also the things which fell out ornaments, and decked her self bravely, to before, and which ensued after ; thou halt allure the eyes of all men that should see her. thought upon the things which are now, 5 Then she gave her maid a bottle of and which are to come.

wine, and a crule of oyl, and filled a bag 6 Yea, what things thou didst determine with parched corn, and lumps of figs, and were ready at hand, and said, Lo, we are

with fine bread ; so lhe folded all these † Os, wrapped,
here : for all thy ways are prepared, and things together, and laid them upon her.
thy judgments are in thy foreknowledge. 6 Thus they went forth to the gate of
.:7 For behold, the Assyrians are multiplied the city of Bethulia, and found standing
in their power; they are exalted with horse there Ozias, and the ancients of the city,
and man ; they glory in the strength of Chabris, and Charmis.
their footmen ; they trust in fhield and 7 And when they saw her, that her coun-
{pear, and bow, and sling, and know not tenance was altered, and her apparel was
that thou art the Lord that breakest the changed, they wondred at her beauty very,
battles : the Lord is thy name.

greatly, and said unto her,
8 Throw down their strength in thy pow- 8 The God, the God of our fathers give
er, and bring down their force in thy wrath : thee favour, and accomplish thine enter-
for they have purposed to defile thy fanctuary,



os, packed




prises to the glory of the children of Israel,

C H A P. XI. "
and to the exaltation of Jerusalem : then i Holofernes asketh Judith the cause of her
they worshipped God.

coming. 6 She telleth him how and when
9 And the said unto them, Command the he may prevail. 20 He is much pleased
gates of the city to be opened unto me, with her wisdom and beauty.

Hen whereof you have spoken with me: so they


, commanded the young men to open unto

thine heart : for I never hurt any that was
her, as she had spoken.

willing to serve Nabuchodonosor, the king
10 And when they had done so, Judith went of all the earth.
out, she and her maid with her, and the men of 2 Now therefore, if thy people that
the city looked after her, until she was gone dwelleth in the mountains had not fet light
down the mountain, and till she had passed by me, I would not have lifted up my spear
the valley, and could see her no more. against them : but they have done these

1 Thus they went straight forth in the things to themselves.
valley : and the first watch of the Assyrians : 3 But now tell me wherefore thou art
met her ;

fled from them, and art come unto us : for
12 And took her, and asked her, Of what thou art come for safeguard ; be of good
people art thou ? and whence comest thou? comfort, thou shalt live this night, and here-
and whither goeft thou? And she said, I am after.
a woman of the Hebrews, and am fled from 4 For none shall hurt thee, but entreat
them : for they shall be given you to be thee well, as they do the servants of king
consumed :

Nabuchodonofor my lord.
13 And I am coming before Holofernes 5 Then Judith said unto him, Receive the
the chief captain of your army, to declare words of thy servant, and suffer thine hand-
words of truth, and I will shew him a way maid to speak in thy presence, and I will
whereby he shall go and win all the hills declare no lie to my lord this night.
country, without losing the body or life of 6 And if thou wilt follow the words of
any one of his men.

thine handmaid, God will bring the thing
14. Now, when the men heard her words, perfectly to pass by thee, and my lord shall
and beheld' her countenance, they wondred not fail of his purposes.
greatly at her beauty, and said unto her, 7 As Nabuchodonofor king of all the

15 Thou hast saved thy life, in that thou earth liveth, and as his power liveth, who
haft hásted to come down to the presence hath sent thee for the upholding of every
of our lord : now therefore come to his living thing : for not only men Thall serve
tent, and some of us shall conduct thee, un- him by thee, but also the beasts of the field,
til they have delivered thee to his hands. and the cattle, and the fowls of the air fhall

16 And when thou standest before him, live by thy power, under Nabuchodonosor
be not afraid in thine heart, but shew unto and all his house.
hiin according to thy word, and he will en- 8 For we have heard of thy wisdom,
treat thee well.

and thy policies, and it is reported in all the 17 Then they chose out of them an hun- earth, that thou only art excellent in all •Os, in favouri #Or, and they dred men, † to accompany her and her the kingdom, and mighty in knowledge,

maid, and they brought her to the tent of and wonderful in feats of war.

9 Now as concerning the matter which
18 Then was there a concourse through- Achior did speak in thy council, we have
out all the camp: for her coming was noif- heard his words ; for the men of Bethulia
ed among the tents, and they came about t saved him, and he declared unto them all + Os, get him.
her, as she stood without the tent of Holo- that he had spoken unto thee.
fernes, till they told him of her.

10 Therefore, Olord and governor, reject.
19 And they wondred at her beauty, and not his word ;. but lay it up in thine heart, for
admired the children of Ifrael because of her,' it is true: for our nation thall not be punished,
and every one said to his neighbour, Who neither can the sword prevail against them,
would despise this people, that have among except they sin against their God.
them such women ? surely it is not good II And now that my lord be not defeated,
that one man of them be left, who being and frustrate of his purpose, even death is now
let go, might deceive the whole earth. fallen upon them, and their sin hath overtaken

20 And they that lay near Holofernes,' them, wherewith they will provoke their
went out, and all his servants, and they God to anger, whenfoever they shall do that
brought her into the tent.

which is not fit to be done :
21 Now Holofernes rested upon his bed un- 12 For their victuals fail them, and all
der a canopy which was woven with purple,' their water is scant, and they have determi-
and gold, and emeralds, and precious stones. ned to lay hands upon their cattle, and pur-

22 So they shewed him of her, and he posed to consume all those things that God
came out before his tent, with silver lamps hath forbidden them to eat by his laws :
going before him.

13 And are resolved to spend the first-fruits 23. And when Judith was come before of the corn, and the tenths of wine and oyl, him and his servants, they all marvelled at which they had sanctified and reserved for the the beauty of her countenance; and the fell priests that serve in Jerusalem, before the face down upon her face, and did reverence un- . of our God, the which things it is not lawful to him: and his servants took her up.


prepared a chariot yoz ber.

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