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JANUARY, 1977,


Dr. Beattie's Effays on Poetry and Music, on Laughter, Classical Learning, and


Mrs. Vaucluse's Moral and Entertaining Dialogues, in English and French, for

the Improvement of Youth

A Theological Survey of the Human Understanding i

A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistles of St. Pauli

An Account of Proposals made for the Benefit of his Majesty's Natal Service

A Letter from Monsieur Des Enfans to Mrs. Montagu, translated by Mrs.



A Discourse upon some late Improvements of the Means for preserving the

* Health of Mariners

The Diaboliad, a Poem

Dilly's Repository, &c.

Rawlins's Second Differtation on Heretical Opinions, &c.

Scott's Introduction to Reading and Spelling

Bp. Pearce's Commentary

Dr. Watson's Hiftory of Philip the Second

Letters on Materialism and Hartley's Theory of the Mind, addressed to Dr.

. Priestley

Charles and Charlotte

Dr. Ogilvie's Rona,
Voltaire's Historical Memoirs
Mason's Caractacus, a dramatic Poem
Mrs. Cartwright's Letters on Female Education
Clarke o Penal Statutes
Carracioli's Life of Lord Clive
The General Fast, a Lyric Ode
Eftwick's Letter to Tucker


Dr. Beattie's Effuys on Poetry and Music, on Laughter, Classical Learning,

and Truth

Melinoth's Sublime and Bea itiful of Scripture

Voltaire's Historical Memoirs,

Philosophical Tranlactions, Vol. LXVI. Part If:

Dr. Ogilvie's Rona,

Letters on Materia urm, &c.

Sir John Hawkins's General Hiftory of Mufic,

Dr.'Higgins's Philosophical Essay concerning Light,

A Theological Survey of the Human Understanding,

M. Dignan's Essai sur les Principes Politiques de l'Economic publique, - 136

Di, Price's Additional Observations on the Nature and Value of Civil Liberty,


Savage's Tragedy of Sir Thomas Overbury, with Alterations,
Dr. Grant on the Epidemic Cough and Fever,

- 149
on the peftilential Fever,

Musgrave de Arthritide,

The Genius of Britain,



i ib.

Noortbouck's Historical and Claftical r @ionary,


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The Bishop of Rochester's Commentary on the Four Evangelists, Ads of

· the Apoftles, &c.

Carter's Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga, illustrated with Views, Medals,

&c. &c.

Sir John Hawkins's History of Music,

A journey to the Highlands of Scotland, with Remarks on Dr. Johnson's ·

Tour, by a Lady,

The Gamblers, a Poem,

De Lolme's History of the Flagellants,

A Letter to Courtney Melmoth on his Liberal Opinions and the Pupil

• of Pleasure,

The Englishman's : night in Paris, &c.


Stockdale's Discourses, Thervations on Soame Jenyns's View, &c.

Forster's Account of Capt. w. 's Voyage,


The Modern Traveller, a Collection of useful and entertaining Travels
Dr. Ath's Sentiments on Education, collected from the best Writers,
Stockdale's Poetical Excursions in the In: of Wight,

Reliques of Genius, by the late Mr. Ryan,
Mrs. Chapone's Letter to a New-married Lady,
Letter to Dr. Smith, on the Life, &c. of Mr. Hume,
Malton's EiTay on publishing Works by Subfcription, &c. -
Lord Chesterfield's Characters of eminent Personages,
Dr. Watkinson on Inoculation,
Letter from Dr. Lettsom, to the London Reviewers,
Ocher Correspondence,

is, ha ; ,, MAY.

Archaeologia ; or Miscellaneous Trias read at the Society of Antiquaries,

Vol: IV. :

Melmoth's Apology for the Life and Writings of David Hume, -


Dr. Maclaine's Series of Letters to Mr. Jenyn's,


Capt. Cooke's Voyage towards the South Pole, and round the World, - 347

Dr. Berkenhout's Biographia Literaria, vol. I.

Mr. Tooke's Translations of Pieces on Sculpture, &c. from M. Falcones,

* and M. Diderot,

Poéticat. Amusements at a Villa near Bath, vol. III. ***

Dr. Leake's Medical Instructions towards the Prevention and Cure of Chro,

*t pic Diseases peculiar to Women,

Ellay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff,

The true Sonship of Christ investigated, by a Clergyman,

Dr. Willis on Agiftment Tythes of unprofitable Stock,

Cameron's Tranation of the Fiogal of Ofian,

Letter to the Duchess of Devonshire,

Mifplaced Confidence, or Friend fhip betrayed,

Shrubfole's Christian Memoirs,

The Torpedo, a Poem,

Dialogue on Friend thip and Society,

The Way to be Rich and Respectable,

Squire Randal's Excursion round London,

Authentic Narrative of Facts relating to the Exchange of Prisoners at the


Written Law the , Security, and Happiness of a Frce State, a

Alles Ears, a Fable

True" Account of the Trial of Mr. S. Bruckhaw's Axion for fa


Reflections on Gaming, Anovities, and Ufurious Contracts,
Mr. Burke's Letter to the Sherifs of Bristol,
Enlay on Bri:inh Liner:y,
Lord Chelterfield's Characters Reviewed,
Williams's Christian Hifury


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Dr. Hulme's Oratio de Re Medica cognofcenda & promovenda,

A Fast Sermon,

Ode to Dragon,

Letter on Education, . -

Art of Conversing,

Madge's Address to Christopher Twistwit, Esq.

Mr. Martyn's Address to the Inhabitants of St. Ann, Weftminster,

The Lion extricated,

New Paradise of Dain:y Devices,

Henry and Eliza,

Armárong's Survey of the great Poft-road between London and Dover,
Gellert's Metallurgic Chemistry, by Seiferth,
Heath Hill, a Poem,
The Gan ble's, Canto 11.
Cozens's Oeconomy of Beauty, .
To Correspondents,


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