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Of the select committee, on the petition of the May

or, Aldermen and Commonalty of the city of NewYork, relative to the alteration of certain streets.

Mr. Ostrander, from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of the mayor, aldermen and commonalty of the city of New-York, for an act to extend Amos-street to the Sixth avenue, and to discontinue Ninth-street and Tenth-street westerly of the said avenue, on the map or plan of the city of New York, REPORTED:

That they have had the subject referred to them under consideration. The petitioners represent that they have been applied to by the inhabitants and owners of property interested in the city of New-York, for the extension of Amos-street across a piece of ground formerly Greenwich-lane to Sixth avenue, and also for discontinuing those parts of Ninth and Tenth-streets which run westerly from Sixth avenue to Greenwich-lane.

The petitioners further represent, that they have purchased a piece of ground lying between Greenwich-lane and Sixth avenue, on which they have erected a market fronting on Greenwich-lane, which covers a portion of that part of Ninth-street laid out between the said lane and Sixth avenue, which is proposed to be discontinued. They also represent, that no buildings have as yet been erected with which the continuation of Amos-street will interfere, and that it is deemed advisable to have the proposed improvement carried into effect without delay.

Your committee are satisfied, from the facts set forth by the petitioners, that the prayer of the petitioners ought to be granted, and ask leave to introduce a bill. (Assem. No. 136.]


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