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An EXAMINATION of Dr. Taylor's Scripture-

Doctrine of ATONEMENT examined,





An EXAMINATION of another notion of JEWISH

SACRIFICES, which is exhibited in an anonymous
Piece, published at LONDON, ann. 1746. and in-
titled, An Elay on the nature, design, and arigin of

Decipimur specie recti, Hor.
Fica omnia celeriter, tanquam flofculi, decidunt.-Tull.
Πανία δοκιμάζετε, Το καλόν κατέχεΠε. St. Paul.

Printed for C. Henderson, under the Royal-Exchange;
T. Becker and P, A. de HONDT, in the Strand. 1761.



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HE reader will perceive that the learned

and worthy Dr. Taylor was living when the following examination of his notions of atonement was finished. I hoped that it might have reached his hands in this world, and that the publication of it would have suggested reasons to him for favouring us with his second thoughts on that subject. However, his death doth not supersede the main design of this publịcațion, which is to promote truth, that lives forever, and will be immortal.

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** NATURAL averhon to polemical

writing, and the great esteem I have for Dr. Taylor, had long detained

me from engaging in a criticism upon bis notions of sacrifice, still hoping to see this work undertaken and executed by some abler band. But being hitherto disappointed in this expe&tation, and my dihnclination out-weighed by the confideration of the venerable nature of. sacrifice, and of the great interest which the bulk of mankind have always taken themselves to have in the effect of it, but, above all, by a concern for truth ; bave at last engaged in it. And having finished what I proposed, do now lay it before the public, and submit the


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criticism to the judgment of those who are qualified for judging in affairs of this nature.

About the time I was entering upon this work, an anonymous piece, entitled, An essay upon the nature, design, and origin of sacrifices, was put into my hands by a friend : in which I found a notion, different from Dr. Taylor's, of the symbolical nature and dehgn of Jewish sacrifices, exhibited and defended. Werefore, that I might, at once, shew the vanity, absurdity, and fashood of all notions of the symbolical nature of Jewish sacrifices, I judged it proper, to take some notice of this performance. And accordingly

, an appendix is subjoined containing a critical examination of this Author's notion of the symbolical nature of these sacrifices, and of whatever he has advanced in its support.

Notwithstanding what the last mentioned Author has said to the contrary, it doth not appear to me, that peace-offerings were in ule before the days of Mofes. And as the sacrifices of this species were, in respect of the of ferers, voluntary oblations, and accompanied either their prayers for the grant of bleffings, or their thanksgivings for blessings received ; ?tis easy to fee, what was the use and design of them, and to account rationally for the institution and practice of them: for this may be


done, only by considering the oblation of those facrifices as proper a&tions, whereby the offerers did, in a natural way, express the piety of mind with which they prayed for the grant of bleffings, or the fincerity and greatness of the inward gratitude with which they commemorated, and gave thanks for, blessings already received. Hence it is, that we find little controversy, or diversity of opinion, about the ufe, dehgn, and rationale of those facrifices, among the bulk of those who have written about them.

Piacular facrifice was of a more ancient date, and is of more permanent duration, than eucharistical Jacrifice : for, according to the reports of revelation, it takes place under the present dispensation of religion, and was in practice under all past dispensations of it, ever fince the lapse of our first parents, and the effeet of it is to have place in that future, celeAial dispensation of it, which is to have no end. This is what renders it very interesting, and a matter of great importance, to mankind, to have a right understanding of the true use, dehgn, and rationale of this species of facrifice.

The oblation of this species of sacrifice was not left to the discretion or choice of the offerers. In all cases, it was exacted from them

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