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At the time of the publication of our first catalogue of European books, in September of the 39th year of Meiji (1906), the library of Keiogijuku contained only thirty thousand volumes of European and Oriental works. Now four years after, we find ourselves in possession of fully double that number. Taking advantage of the occasion of the completion of the New Library,—the Semicentennial Memorial of the foundation of Keiogijuku University—, we have compiled a new catalogue of European books, together with the Japanese and Chinese works at present in our library.

When, seren years ago, I found it necessary to increase the number of the staff and to place the management and system of the library upon a new basis, we had, all told, of both European and Oriental books, only nine thousand volumes. Since that time the number has increased sixfold. During those six years several large grants of money have been made to us, among which the most important are the memorial funds of the late President Obata, of the late Mr. T. Kodera and of the late Marquis Tokugawa. To these can be added a surplus from the sum given for the building of the Memorial Library. In addition to these Mr. K. Nezu, a few months ago, donated a considerable sum as a fund for library purposes.

With the completion of the library building and the increase of the funds at our disposal, the library is now in a very satisfactory condition. When we compare our present status with that of six years ago, the difference is so great that we find it difficult to realize it. This wonderful progress is due to the influence of our beloved master, the late Mr. Fukuzawa, to the co-operation of the faculty of the university and to the live sympathy of society in general. I have great pleasure in taking this opportunity to express our gratitude.



May, 1912.

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