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" ... he preferred you to every bard past and present, and asked which of your works pleased me most. It was a difficult question. I answered, I thought the  "
The Life, Letters and Journals of Lord Byron: Complete in One Volume - Sida 159
efter George Gordon Byron Baron Byron - 1844 - 735 sidor
Obegränsad förhandsgranskning - Om den här boken

The Lady of the Lake: A Poem in Six Cantos

Walter Scott - 1888 - 332 sidor
...similar. In speaking of the others, I told him that I thought you more particularly the poet of Princes, as they never appeared more fascinating than in '...coincide, and to dwell on the description of your James's as no less royal than poetical. He spoke alternately of Homer and yourself, and seemed well...
Obegränsad förhandsgranskning - Om den här boken

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