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" But Prince Arthur, or his chief patron Sir Philip Sidney, whom he intended to make happy by the marriage of his Gloriana, dying before him, deprived the poet both of means and spirit to accomplish his design. "
The Miscellaneous Works of John Dryden, Esq: Containing All His Original ... - Sida 125
efter John Dryden - 1767
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The Emergence of the English Author: Scripting the Life of the Poet in Early ...

Kevin Pask - 1996 - 218 sidor
...to complete The Faerie Queene in A Discourse concerning the Original and Progress of Satire (1693): "Prince Arthur, or his chief Patron, Sir Philip Sidney,...by the Marriage of his Gloriana, dying before him, depriv'd the Poet, both of the Means and Spirit, to accomplish his Design" (2:28). John Hughes' life...
Begränsad förhandsgranskning - Om den här boken

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