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" I consulted a greater genius (without offence to the manes of that noble author) I mean Milton; but as he endeavours every where to express Homer, whose age had not arrived to that fineness, I found in him a true sublimity, lofty thoughts which were clothed... "
The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical - Sida 213
redigerad av - 1779
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The Adventures of David Simple ; And, The Adventures of David Simple, Volume ...

Sarah Fielding - 2002 - 465 sidor
...prose. Dryden found in Cowley, 'the Darling of my Youth', 'Points of Wit, and Quirks of Epigram . . . but no elegant turns, either on the word, or on the thought" - Dryden, 'Discourse' (in Wmn,John Dryden and his World, p. 257). n. pindarick Odes: Cowley introduced...
Begränsad förhandsgranskning - Om den här boken

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